I was gifted a most magical shirt at Gencon by my friend Ian. I love it so much XD.

From findchaos' fabulous ChaosLife webcomic. Specifically the New Frontiers strip.
Unfortunately I ordered a Large when I’m an XL, so I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it. I knew Porphy would appreciate some Spock lovins, even if it’s big enough for her to drown in.
Just means I’ll have to give my friends more money and order a new shirt!


I was gifted a most magical shirt at Gencon by my friend Ian. I love it so much XD.

From findchaos' fabulous ChaosLife webcomic. Specifically the New Frontiers strip.

Unfortunately I ordered a Large when I’m an XL, so I haven’t had many opportunities to wear it. I knew Porphy would appreciate some Spock lovins, even if it’s big enough for her to drown in.

Just means I’ll have to give my friends more money and order a new shirt!


Edric Chen
© 2014 NYC


Edric Chen

© 2014 NYC

If you took over the world, what would be the first thing to go? First mandate?

First thing to go? Tough call. There are a lot of things I’d get rid of, and whichever’s first is mostly up to whatever’s bothering me this particular minute. Men’s Rights Activists? Dudes who organize visits to Dennys while covered in automatic weapons? The Ferguson PD? Video game execs who don’t want to have female protags because those games “don’t sell” to an audience which is more than 50% female? Take your pick.

First mandate: “Shut Up And Treat Each Other As Equals, You Fucks.”

What is your favorite Vampire Clan and why?

If we’re talking Vampire: The Masquerade, then the answer is Tremere.

Mostly because when I play RPGs, I tend to play the mages, and they’re the magiest of the clans. Although granted, they’re assholes.

The Tremere were one of twelve groups (Houses) based on hermetic principles which founded the Order of Hermes in the year 767. Then as it often does, the nature of magic started to change along with the world. Some spells faltered. Most damningly (to the Tremere), their immortality spells stopped working.

All the other Houses were like “no biggie, we’ll adapt.” House Tremere said “fuck this,” and started researching ways to keep their immortality.

They found vampires, dissected them, figured out how they worked, and then the House Tremere inner circle enacted rituals to become immortal vampires themselves. Downside? They lost their magic in the process, although they quickly figured out how to power a limited form of blood magic with vampiric vitae.

Not long after, Tremere himself located an Antediluvian (ancient vampire elder and clan originator), drained him dry to swallow his soul, and became the Antediluvian of the new Clan Tremere.

While the Tremere were setting themselves up in vampire society, they were simultaneously keeping their new undead nature a secret from the rest of the Order of Hermes. They actually succeeded for over a hundred years. When they did find out, the Order was not happy.

The modern Order basically has a “kill vampires on sight” policy. The assumption is that any former Hermetic House would naturally rise to the top of any organization, so any vampires they encounter are probably Tremere by default. And the Tremere must die.

Do you like Naruto?

I’m more a fan of pepperjack and occasionally red windsor varieties.

I have things in my brain. Are they delicious? Are they disturbing?

The only way to make me disgorge them into this word box are by asking me questions!



August 17

Sunday, the last day of the con. Decent day. Said goodbye to a lot of people — Mike, Rose, and Audrey left, said goodbye to Porphy and Marie-Claude.

I was surprised to find chloedykstra, who I know casually from the Internets, there with her friend Sam Whitwer (the vampire from Being Human). Chloe’s good people. We talked Vampire for a minute or two before she had to leave.

Eddy and I got bored and decided to follow a long-standing White Wolf tradition of inventing cardboard games. Kung-fu: The Fighting is his, Space Vampire is mine. Rich edited Kung-fu while Eddy edited Space Vampire.

At 4, the Exhibit Hall closed. We started packing up all our stuff pretty quickly. Pictured: Jason “Baron Samedi,” Eddy, Monica. Thanked a lot of the retailers who helped us out, like Chessex and CritSuccess, as well as Cubicle 7. Did a few trades with other retailers — “hey, you want a copy of Werewolf20? Great, what do you have for me?” sort of thing. As a result, we ended up with the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and SW: Age of Rebellion rulebooks. Rich thrust the former into my hands and said it was mine now because I was, after all, working on a sci-fi property. Heee. Michelle came over from the booth she’d been working at and almost literally threw a few Shadowrun shirts at me before scurrying away.

We managed to package everything on a single skid by 7pm and left for supper. I played Musical Hotels again and was moved from the JW Marriott to Jason’s room in the Hyatt Regency in the PNC Center.

August 18

OPP crew was down to Rich, Eddy, me, and Jason. With no con and no flights until the afternoon, we were all able to sleep in. Felt good. Took the last picture there with another shot of the Artgarden around 10am while Jason was still sleeping.

Waited for everyone to be awake and check out, got our bags secured away with the hotel, and went out to eat. We had lunch(ish) at Harry and Izzy’s with Steve, Mandy, and Mandy’s boyfriend whose name I forget, all from DriveThruRPG. The plan was that five of us would head over to the airport in a cab together and trickle out as our flights came.

Mandy said that, statistically, one of us would have a delayed flight. They all turned to look at me.

So Mandy and her SO left (they were taking the train) and the rest of us went to the airport. First Jason left, then Steve, then Rich, and then Eddy and I.

And then my 7pm flight was delayed.

I wouldn’t be too worried except I had only had a 40-minute layover to begin with, and the flight landing in Toronto at 11:30pm would be the last one of the night.

So I made backup plans with the gate agent, who helpfully reserved me on a flight to Toronto leaving Newark in the morning. If I didn’t make the connecting flight that night, I’d be able to secure a hotel room and do it later.

So I landed in Newark, and started running, despite the schedule showing that the flight to Toronto would have finished boarding by the time I got off the plane. I was in Terminal C and needed to get to Terminal A. Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one heading back from Gen Con, so the hope was that they might hold the flight a few minutes for us.

We went to the AirTrain (an airport bus) and got there just as it pulled up. It shuttled us to Terminal A, where we ran out and burst into the building about 25 feet from our gate, just in time to hear the announcement that they were boarding Group 1. Apparently the flight landed a few minutes late, so we were literally just in time. Had we not made that AirTrain when we did — had any of the steps in between not worked out as they did — we would have missed it.

It was a small plane, three seats wide, tiny aisle, no overhead compartment on one side. I was on that one side. On the upside I had both an aisle seat and a window seat.

Advantage to flying at night: you’re above a lot of the glare. I could see the Milky Way out the window for most of the flight.

Landed at 11:30pm at the ass-end of the terminal. Like, no skybridge, we walked out onto the tarmac. There was one gate past where we parked. The “terminal” was only about 20 feet wide and the walls were constructed of the kind of corrugated metal you often see used for sheds.

We walked through progressively larger terminal sections for 10 minutes or so until we were back in the “real” building. I didn’t see anyone from any other flights, so if we weren’t the last of the night, we were close. Just a few airport workers.

August 19

By the time I got processed it was just past midnight. Got a cab, came home around 1am. Fell asleep.

Gen Con: exhausting, but well worth it. One of these days I should play some games there.


August 16

Saturday. Very busy day for me. Was zipping all over the damn place. I didn’t spend a lot of time in the booth for obvious reasons, but reportedly it wasn’t very busy, which is odd because Saturday is usually the con’s biggest day. A lot of people wanted to our books, but the biggest objection wasn’t the price, but the weight. Most people had to fly back home and getting a single 500+ page book was not an easy choice when there were many other, lighter games available.

In the morning at 10am we’d had our “What’s Up With the New World of Darkness” panel, where we covered the next year’s schedule, announced our 2015 game, Beast: The Primordial, and announced we were going to be releasing formal Second Edition books, including Promethean 2e and Changeling 2e. The audience reaction was favourable. The panel was Rich and Eddy, with input from many of our devs, picture above. In the front row from left to right: Matt McElroy (red and black shirt), our DriveThruRPG liaison and fiction developer; Matt McFarland, our Promethean/Demon/Beast developer; Dave Brookshaw, our Mage: The Awakening developer; Neall Reamonn Price, who writes for goddamn near everything; and C.A. Suleiman, our Mummy: The Curse developer.

In the afternoon was “What’s Up With the Trinity Continuum, Exalted, Scion, Scarred Lands, and More!” As the TC developer, I sat on that one. No real announcements for the most part, just sort of elaborating more on what we’re doing with the new system and a few hints as to the setting. People really seemed excited, which feels great. Eddy did announce we’d be publishing his new game Pugmire, about a civilization of dogs after the Age of Man. Fun stuff.

Immediately following that was the What’s Up With the Classic World of Darkness panel. Again, covered the first half of next year’s schedule, and announced Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition. One of the popular books on the schedule seems to be the Victorian Mage book I proposed long ago.

Audio from all three panels is available.

We got back from the panels with an hour left in the booth for the day. Mike and I had supper by ourselves at Champions, next to some out-of-towner Indianans who were presumably around for the football game in the nearby stadium. They were… uh… “pre-drunk.” We thought they’d stop talking to us once we got our food and started eating. They did not.

Later in the night I went to Cosplay Deviants’ Dungeons and Deviants party at the Revel nightclub. I had a bit of a tricky time finding the place, just because the info card CosDev was handing out had the Convention Centre flipped backwards. Whoops.

I did cut through the ICC. Took the second picture above. Notice that it’s black outside the windows, because it’s 9pm. Notice how many people are still running around doing things. When they say “the best four days in gaming” they don’t mean “the best four eight-hour chunks in gaming,” they mean four entire days. The exhibitor hall is only open for eight hours per day, but there are events going on around the clock.

Anyhow, I made it to Revel, and as you may have guessed from the previous posts made, had a great time. I was dancing, which was a first. I wasn’t super-energetic like some people, but I think it was very good for my first time.

You can see some pics on the Cosplay Deviants tumblr, including this one I found, which may be the only picture from Gen Con that has me in it. That’s Madison Valentine in blue on stage in the foreground, who I believe goes as watchtower360 here on the tumblrs. Seriously, the CosDev crew has so many adorable people.

You’ll note the sort of pool noodle things with the LEDs in them in the picture. With a room full of nerds, the area near the stage turned into the dance area, while the area further away to the right became dedicated to a swordfighting tournament using those noodles. The bouncers didn’t know what to make of it, but mostly let us be. I say that needs to be a feature in more clubs.

Got back to the hotel at around midnight, passed out.


August 15

Friday. I mentioned my feet had started peeling. I snapped a shot above for Twitter. They were unappreciative. Started wearing my inserts. Feet still hurt, but didn’t get worse.

It was a busy day at the booth, not the least of which was because I was working cash all weekend. Unless I was on break, generally anytime someone bought something, it was me they bought it from.

I first wandered into the hall where Geek & Sundry had set up with the hopes of seeing wilwheaton to give him his birthday present. I continued over the weekend but continued to fail to see either him or his wife Anne. Which is ridiculous that you spend at least four days in the same building as someone and never manage to see them.

In any case, Mayfair had a giant Star Trek Catan board set up. You can judge the size by the feet at the top of the image. Each of those Enterprise models was close to a foot long. They also had a Kids Catan and may have had one or two other games too.

Rich had another Guest of Honor panel or two, but otherwise it was pretty quiet as far as activities went. Porphyria was dressed as Ulala from Space Channel 5, which you can see on her tumblr.

Earlier this year, in May, I met Marie-Claude Bourbonnais, who in addition to her successful modelling career, is a damn hardworking cosplayer. She sculpts, she works with leather, and makes amazing outfits from scratch. We met at a shit Toronto con that had had almost no advertising, so virtually no one was there, sadly. But I bought some of her stuff and chatted a bit about Vampire: The Masquerade, which she’d played when she was younger. I had my deluxe edition of V20 with me, which she and her boothmate pored over for several minutes.

So Friday I caught her before her booth opened and got her a copy of the regular edition of V20. She was super-excited and told me it would be her bedside table reading for at least the next few weeks.

In the evening was Onyx Path developer Matt McFarland’s 40th birthday party. You can see the Captain America shield cake, the Avengers birthday banner, a few of the numerous balloons, and offscreen is an Avengers wall-hang for people to take pictures in front of. Matt said “my 40th birthday looks a surprising amount like my 9th.” But he had a great time, and I got to chat with a lot of fun people, some of whom I knew, most of whom I didn’t. Rich ducked out to grab a drink at one point and then never returned, having been shanghaied into playing a game of D&D5 with some others.


August 14

First day of the con! My feet were peeling. On the upside, my new shoes were now broken in enough that I could fit my inserts inside, and that really helped avoid blisters.

While we were finishing our setup, an announcement informed us that the Very Important Gamer badge holders would be getting escorted into the hall something like an hour early. Eep. We had no idea, but fortunately we were just about done. Photo taken before we opened to the public, with the booth in near-final form. L to R: Eddy, Mike, Jason, Audrey.

I had my laptop set up to play a video on a TV in the booth, pointed directly at the hall entrance to best attract people. It did pretty well, I think. The entire playlist was about 90 minutes in length, made of seven smaller loops around 15 minutes long. It meant we didn’t get pissed off with annoyingly repetitive music, which is good.

A common sight (as seen in the second image) was players of the card game Magic: The Gathering who kept coming by the booth to get their cards signed, having no idea what we did but knowing Rich was here. Because Rich illustrated a lot of early Magic cards. Above are a bunch of Red and Blue Elemental Blasts being signed on top of our Scion and Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition posters. He happily signs them all if he has time, and every now and then one of them will ask what he’s been up to and what Onyx Path is.

Good busy day, but nothing notable really going on aside from the Guest of Honor panels that Rich was on.

I did manage to see my friend porphyriasuicide at the Cosplay Deviants booth briefly, which was always fun. I featured her last year on the theonyxpath tumblr in her Jayne outfit showing off her Vampire tattoo.

In the evening, the core OPP group got together at St. Elmos to discuss the company’s future direction. We all seemed to be happy with where this path of ours is taking us. We then adjourned to Rich and Eddy’s hotel room (the same room I spent my first night in) for more chat and stories about White Wolf. We went back to our own room to sleep before it turned into a real slumber party.